Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Term 3 goal reflection

These are the 3 goals I set at the beginning of the year:
*To get better at algebra
* To get my distinction badge
* To be a better role model

So far this year we haven't done any Algebra but I have improved on number and Geometry. I have been a better role model by showing up on time for my responsibilities and being in the right place at the right time. Lately, I haven't made any blog posts on my leadership roles but I am going to try to do it this year.

My next step is to blog so I can try and get my merit badge and improve on my Algebra.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

My weather forecast in Te reo

Caoimhe's Mihi in Afrikaans

Writing prove it- punctuation

On her walk she came across her friend Mr Potatoman. He was wearing: a small black top hat, a white shirt with a black tie, black trousers and black shoes. The fairy princess asked Mr Potatoman if he would like to walk with her. Mr Potatoman said yes. The fairy Princess was thrilled. She felt safe so she asked her guardsto leave. But, what the fairy princess didn't know was that Mr Potato man was evil.

I am at relational because I can use punctuation correctly and I am strategic about it. My next step is to become extended Abstract

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Reading prove it

WALT- I can describe the publishing conventions to comprehend main ideas/ details in a factual text.
I am at Extended Absract because I know know why subheadings, capitalisation of proper nouns,purpose of a glossary and quotations marks are used and I can teach someone else.

BIODIVERSITY)- There is a glossary in this text so that you know what the technical words mean.

(A gentleman's sport)- There are subheadings so you don't have to read the whole text when your trying to find things.

( LUKE TRAFFORD)- They have capitals because because they are names and it shows importance.

( "WE NEED TO CONTROL DEER.")- It is direct speech because it hasn't been changed they need to put speech marks around it.

Overall these are used to show importance too find things easier, too help understand things better and to know what it has said.

TERM 1- reading Prove it

WALT- I can identify the structural features and characteristics of a text.
I think I got to extended abstract because I can identify the genre of the text, the features and make an overall statement.